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    We are proud to present our beloved desserts suitable for vegetarians, gluten-free and dairy-free lovers, made with organic soya powder, coconut milk and Thai custard. These very rare ancient Thai cookies will bring you and your loved ones great ‘prosperity’. It’s elegantly handmade with edible gold leaf finish and is slowly dehydrated for about 2 days before serving.

    Thong Noppakhun is referred to as Pure Gold, ‘Thong (ทอง:TH) means Gold’ in Thai culture it brings great fortune and luck. 
    This is an exquisite dessert worth sharing with your special ones, it will bring a WOW factor to parties or as a showstopper to the dinner table. They will bring meaningful wishes to your mother’s birthdays, partner’s promotion and many more celebrations.

    Exclusively at PRANSUK, we use pure organic soya powder instead of the traditional mung bean paste for our Thong Noppakhun. We think it creates a better sense experience, with distinctive taste and natural earthy colour. The making process is very delicate and we carefully take every step to create the beautiful smooth texture. The last step in the process is to dehydrate them for 24-48 hours to make them last longer and bring out their unique character, and finally we decorate with an edible gold leaf and a tiny drop of pure honey. 

    Thong Noppakhun means prosperity. Prosperity means success, riches, plenty, ease which is exactly what this dessert represents. This treat is perfect if you are vegetarian, gluten-free and dairy-free. Thong Noppakhun are sweet, delicious Thai cookies.


    One of the key ingredients of this dessert is honey, which gives them that sweet taste. Honey is a thick, golden liquid that is produced by bees using the nectar of flowering plants. Several health benefits come from honey such as the fact that it can help hay fever and allergies. Honey is renowned for soothing sore throats and coughs it is great for colds throughout the winter months. Honey is also antibacterial with wound healing properties.


    Are you a sweet tooth person? Or do you know someone who is? Treat them to our Thong Noppakhun today. These are perfect to present at events such as wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, baby showers, afternoon tea, brunches and so many more, they are a very versatile treat to have.


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    Suitable for vegetarian, gluten free and dairy free dietary

    Please see ingredients in BOLD for allergen
    Soya powder, coconut milk(coconut extract 70%, water, emulsifier- E435), sugar, egg, gold leaf, honey

    Storage instructions: keep in cool dry space and consume within 3 weeks

    Box Dimension: 17x 12 x2 cm, approx 200g.

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