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    Just in time for Spring, our edible ‘Daisy’ will bring joy to your picnic!

    Allure was first introduced by Portuguese-Japanese-Bengali Lady Maria Guyomar de Pinha who is known for bringing new dessert recipes into Thai cuisine during the Ayutthaya Kingdom (1350 to 1767).


    Allure is traditionally made in a twirled shape in bright colours and sun-dried to reserve it. Today, it can be seen in various styles, especially floral.

    For the final process making of our Daisy Allure, we use slow baking for about 12 hours in our dehydrator machine. It creates the perfect traditional chewy texture, with a little crispy outside and soft gummy inside.

    Either enjoy it with your favourite cozy afternoon tea at home or share with a small branch of friends or family, this giant size Daisy will make your spring days more delightful and is sure to bring a smile to those meaningful to you.

    ‘Daisy’ is available as a box of 6 pieces in our beautiful branded gift box.

    Are you someone who loves aesthetically pleasing treats? Are you someone who takes photos of your food whenever you go out to eat? If the answer to either of those questions is yes, then our ‘Daisy’ Allure treats may be perfect for you.


    This dessert originated from Portugal but was later imported to be produced in Thailand.


    These treats are perfect for afternoon teas, brunches with your friends, gender reveals, Springtime picnics, the list of events that these treats are perfect for is endless.


    A key ingredient in our ‘Daisy’ Allure is Jasmine extract. Jasmine is native to tropical and warm temperatures in Eurasia, Australasia and Oceania. In India Jasmine is known as “Queen of the Night”, the reason for this is because of its intoxicating perfume that is released at night.


    Our ‘Daisy’ Allure is the perfect gift for the sweet tooth lovers in your life. We can almost guarantee that they have never received treats like this before. Surprise your loved ones with these out of the box desserts.


    Daisies symbolise childhood innocence, simplicity and joy. Daisies also represent fertility and motherhood. Our ‘Daisy’ Allure treats would be perfect for the new mother in your life, show her that you are thinking of her.


    From this product, you can expect a sweet treat that is crispy on the outside and a nice, gooey, chewy texture on the inside. If this sounds like you, then place an order today, you won’t regret it.


    Be warned that this product does contain gluten so if you have a gluten allergy, these treats may not be suitable for you.

    Please see ingredients in BOLD for allergens.

    Suitable for Vegan, Vegetarian, dairy-free diet


    Wheat(gluten) flour, coconut milk(coconut extract 70%, water, emulsifier- E435), sugar, jasmine extract, food colours<1% (E171, E422, Sorbitol, water, glycerin, carboxylmethylcellulose sodium, potassium sorbate)

    Store in a dry and cool space and consume within 3 weeks

    Box dimension 17x12x2cm, approx. 250g. 

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