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    Our philosophy is to create meaningful products and gifts that will make you and your loved ones smile.
    So apart from our lovingly made desserts, we decide to go extra! Now, you can customise illustration card of your special ones for all occasions.

    Have you got a loved one’s special occasion coming up? Instead of buying a traditional birthday/ occasion card why don’t you buy our custom illustration card.


    We find that custom illustration cards are a lot more special and meaningful rather than shop-bought cards. Our custom illustration cards add that personalisation. Let your loved ones know how special they are to you. Personalised cards make people feel valued, loved, thought about and special.


    The tradition of sending cards on special occasions goes back to the 15th century in China, where they would send notes for Chinese New Year. In Ancient Egypt, in the 15th century, they would send notes for occasions on papyrus scrolls.


    The production of greeting cards took off in the 1850s when companies began to produce greeting cards to be sold in shops. Since the 1850s, greeting cards have been an important part of all occasions.

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