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    Fine Water x PRANSUK DESSERT Pairing Experience

    Posted by : Ploynita Chokpaiboon / On : Aug 24, 2022

    Water x Thai Dessert Pairing London Event

    Come join us this September 10-11, 2022 for our Immersive Meditation Experience 'Fine Water X Thai Desserts Pairing' at FINE LIQUIDS Water Boutique and Art Gallery

    This event is inspired by the word “Meditation” from two friends' dialogue – Ploynita(founder of PRANSUK DESSERT London) and Patricia (founder of Aquappella). 

    "When inspiring visionaries come together, we create a dream team."

    Aquappella is a combination of water and melody. It was founded in April 2020 by Patricia Chen, a Taiwanese water sommelier qualified by the Doemens Water programme. Patricia found the similarity between water and music, as they could be round or sharp, and create melody through various materials.  

    And a special thanks to Milin Patel, a director of FIND LIQUIDS - a water boutique based in Fulham London for hosting this exquisite water and dessert pairing event together. Milin who is dedicated to take us on a journey of discovery with new tasting experience of natural sourced water, as well as drinking water technology. 

    Follow our guide, you will experience the pairing step by step, and marvel at the change in taste in your mouth as well as experience the joy of water. 
    At the event you will get to know these;   

    Discover the world of "Water Tasting"
    ・Save you over £100 and experience the magic of water tasting.
    Learn how to choose bottled water
    ・you’ll never get lost in front of the water shelf in the supermarket again. 
    How to drink better and healthier
    ・ Be more mindful of your body and find the perfect bottled water for youself.

    Taste to aesthetic traditional Thai dessert  

    ・Let our imagination take you to Thailand through PRANSUK's exquisite dessert.   ‍

     Be amazed by the unique pairing experience

    ・Experience subtle changes in taste in your mouth 

    Tickets are now available on Eventbrite

    Full information about the event at

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