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    Posted by : Andy Lochtie / On : Feb 03, 2022


    Allure (อาลัว) = attraction, charm

    Allure was first introduced by Portuguese-Japanese-Bengali Lady Maria Guyomar de Pinha who is known for bringing new dessert recipes into Thai cuisine during the Ayutthaya Kingdom (1350 to 1767).

    It is made from plain wheat flour, coconut milk, sugar and an essence of jasmine flower. Allure is traditionally made in a twirled shape in bright colours. Today, it can be seen in various styles, especially floral.

    We patiently make each of our Allure to ensure that they are ready to impress you from the very first glance.

    There are different ways to make Allure last longer, including sun-drying, dehydrating and oven baking.





    On a sunny day, Pransuk Chiangmai naturally use a solar-power oven as the last step in our process. It always raises curiosity of passers-by charmed by the sweets who end up by buying more to them back home to finish their day with a smile.


    However, as typical London’s weather doesn’t allow us to follow the original method Pransuk London uses a dehydrator which still maintain the original taste and texture.



    Allure’s positive meaning of charm and attractiveness has made its perfect gift for for showing affection or celebrations such as weddings, new years, and festive events.


    Pransuk Dessert
    Breath of Happiness

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